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Jansite™ DreamPro
Jansite™ DreamPro
Jansite™ DreamPro
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jansite™ DreamPro
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Jansite™ DreamPro

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  • Do you have problems using the dash mirror of your car?
  • Are you like us? when it raining while you are driving a car you couldn't see in the rearview mirror?
  • The light reflection in the rearview mirror of your car bother you at night?

Jansite™: Your best solution. It can provide you with an HD rearview in your car, a touch screen monitor, and 2 HD cameras. 

Rear Touch Screen Streaming Media Mirror
The streaming car mirror uses a full screen rather than the first viewing mirror. The rearview image of an auto is appeared on the screen in real-time through the camera. Compared with the car old mirror, it's very clear and less suffering from inclemency and features. Full-screen and touch screen display and 3x rearview to expand the driver's field of vision. Keep your driving safe.

Adjustable Angle Screen Viewing
You can adjust the acceptable view angle by long-pressing the screen with just a simple touch with your finger.

Easy to switch views
Using just your finger left or right you can switch the views, Jansite contains 3 views; front view, rear view, front & rearview.

10-inch screen size
2.5D curved glass mirror 10-inch full-view touch screen. Smooth images delivered fast without delay 1080p HD, high-quality color.

The camera contains 6 optical glass high-quality lenses
Intelligent anti-shake, high-quality screen capture, contains 6 layers of an optical lens.

Jansite front camera design
Jansite front lens thoughtful design you no longer have to worry about rain sensor who touching the DVR's field of view.

The wide-angle is 170-degree
The 170-degree wide-angle lens, allows the camera to be comfortably monitory 3 lanes. Jansite camera has no blind spots. Make you enjoy your journey and achieve the accurately detailed captures.

High-quality night vision function
The Jansite camera uses a large aperture night vision lens, also the camera chip built-in night vision processing function.

Safety parking & automatic reverse
Jansite contains an intelligent option the device automatically switches to the rearview camera when the car is reversing. The full HD mirror screen help driver to identify important details such as license plates, also the small movements.

Loop Recording
When the memory card is full automatically overwrite the previous recordings with files except for locked files The recording video is continuously working for 24 hours by Time-lapse, more secure and convenient. Easy and simple to look back at the video. No need to format the memory card often.
Note: You will need to buy DVR power box.

To protect the high-quality recordings G-Sensor of Jansite can lock up current DVR recordings during critical moments like an accident or something like that.

Parking Monitor Work For 24 Hours
The recording automatically mode will turn on if DVR be shocked by any external forces like a thief while parking.
Note: warm reminder, it should be used with power cable.

Important tips on the TF card
  • The TF card should be in the video recording car camera HD 1080P.
  • The TF card with a high read and write speed are highly recommended with the DVR to ensure the normal use.
  • To ensure that the TF card is good, use C10 high-speed card.
  • The camera may not work properly if you use a low-quality TF card, The DVR in Jansite supports up to 128G SD cards and can store more videos.
  • You should know that if you buy a single lens and use your own rear camera, it will not work. Only our rear camera can match our DVR.
  • Jansite is to be charged in the car with a car charger, so to be sure that there is sufficient voltage and current to support Jansite to work properly. If the Jansite connected using USB only the recorder will not turn on.

To ensure the quality of our brand Jansite we will give you 365 days warranty. We can give you an additional 6-month warranty if you give us 5 stars feedback with a picture. 

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